A festival which took place in 2025 in 25 countries.

Get to know the festival

The festival created a framework in which artistic research together with technological innovations, and a symposium with various scholars made it possible and created ways for an audience to understand animals in a way which was never imageable before.

The human audience will treat animals differently, translate their worldview, be more empathetic, see the world through their eyes, listen to their stories and they have gained a different perspective on being human. 

A second festival is currently in the making, this time it is not just about understanding animals, but about communicating with animals. Stay tuned!

“I want people to understand animals and therefore our world a bit better after having embodied them for some time and felt the connection”
Artistic director Zandile Darko about MASTERING PERCEPTION

Find out more about the past festival “MASTERING PERCPETION” which took place 2025 in 25 countries.

Learn about what the money that was raised through donations and ticket sales made possible: MASTERING PERCEPTION bought land in each of the 25 countries and denaturated it with the concept of rewildering. Humans are not allowed in these areas.